Friday, September 17, 2010

Weill - Lady in the Dark - Lehman Engel

This studio album of Kurt Weill’s Lady in the Dark features the lovely Rise Stevens making the role of Liza Elliott her own, with Adolph Green in the role that made Danny Kaye a star in the original production and containing the Danny Kaye contribution missing from the Gertrude Lawrence recording - plus his versions of "My Ship" and "The Saga of Jenny". 

Kurt Weill Columbia's sumptuous reissue on the 'Masterworks Heritage' label presents the recording in creamy stereo, with the orchestra under the baton of Lehman Engel. Rise Stevens is perhaps the best singer to have played Liza on any recording of Lady in the Dark. The trained opera singer lets her hair down for the manic "Saga of Jenny", and yields glowing versions of "My Ship" and "One Life to Live". Also featured among the cast are John Reardon and Stephanie Augustine.

Ape, covers

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