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Galuppi - Il Mondo della Luna - Piva, Intermusica Ensemble






  • Release Date: February 15, 1999
  • Label: Bongiovanni
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Composer: Baldassare Galuppi
  • Performer: Franco Piva, Intermusica Ensemble
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Galuppi is a mostly forgotten composer today but in his time he was one of the earliest composers (who worked directly with Goldoni) of opera buffa and helped establish its traditions and format. His score is fresh, simple, varied, and embracing a sense of "cause and effect" psychology that is delightful on one hand, yet biting and cynical on the other.

The cynicism and bite derive from the text but Galuppi's music brings it forward Galuppi in ways that I didn't think Rococo music could. There's a disturbing quality to some of the numbers where the bright, vivid orchestration betrays an underlying cruelty where no character comes out the winner in the end. Hence, this opera is 100% satire! (of Venetian civility... apparently, but it works just as good on contemporary humanity as well; self interest never dies)

This is probably one of Bon Giovanni's best recordings,'a theater recording without audience. I have all but the highest praises for the sound of this opera. Both orchestra and performers are up to the task.

I would also recommend to listen to both Paisiello and Haydn's operas of the same name which were based on Galuppi and Goldini's original. It's a great way to experience the 18th century tradition of re-using old librettos with new scoring. You also get to compare and contrast each composers approach and style. Haydn thought enough of Galuppi's score to directly adapt a melody from this opera to the first act finale of his "L'Incontro Improviviso".

If you're looking for early opera buffa in the Rococo style that's chalk full of biting satire, good orchestration and characterization, than this is for you!




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