Monday, March 21, 2011

Igor Stravinsky - Oedipus Rex - Troyanos, Kozma, Crass, C.Abbado, RAI SO and Chorus

Tatiana Troyanos was a terrific Jocasta, and the lesser know Oedipus, Lejos Kozna, was good, if not up to her standard. Franz Crass is formidable and in excellent voice as Creon. As for Abbado's interpretation, it's very well controlled and involved but a bit smoothed out and mellifluous for what Stravinsky had in mind, a cool, distanced retelling of Oedipus's familiar tragic tale.Technically this Tatiana Troyanos recording leaves something to be desired since the score is so complex that being able to hear all the notes in different listenings is valuable. But the performance is stunning, especially Tatania Troyanos's performance of Jocasta. She really allows one to hear the background of Verdi that Stravinsky was surely thinking of in parts of this piece. The conducting is insightful. If only one could really hear it all. Still it is worth having and going back to now and then. Especially for Troyanos.

Oedipus Rex, opera-oratorio in 2 acts
Composed by Igor Stravinsky
Performed by RLB Symphony Orchestra
with Tatiana Troyanos, Franz Crass, Luigi Roni, Lajos Kozma
Conducted by Claudio Abbado
flac, scans

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