Monday, May 2, 2011

Rameau - Les Indes Galantes – William Christie, Les Arts Florissants







The music of Les Indes Galantes is absolutely beautiful, although the libretto is a bit under par. The plot of the opera consists of a prologue (predictably, with a cupid), followed by four discrete scenes. Each of these scenes is dealing with characters who, in the view of a medieval Frenchman, were exotic and even "savage." In the sequence of appearance, these include Turks, Peruvian Incas, Persians and the American Indians (the latter are referred to merely as "savages" but the geographic location gives some idea as to who they are). The stories are implausible, but they were not intended to be taken literally; rather, they were intended as something of an esopian fable, illustrating the victory of love over force and discord. The music is gorgeous and Les Arts Florissantsfull of rhythm and colour and the singing in this performance is excellent. Many of the great Baroque performers appear on this disc - Sandrine Piau, Isabelle Poulenard, Howard Crook, Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, Bernard Delétré, Claron McFadden, Nicolas Rivenq and Noémi Rime. Christophe Rousset plays the harpsichord continuo - he had not yet made a career for himself as a conductor at this time.  Christie is in the forefront of the movement toward historically informed period performances of baroque. As a result, his recordings are almost invariably the best. Everyone should get acquainted with Christie's work. I can't think of any other conductor who would be as capable of capturing your heart and turning you into a baroque afficionado as William Christie.


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