Friday, June 24, 2011

Edda Moser - Virtuose Arien von W.A. Mozart






  • Release Date: 1988
  • Label: EMI
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Composer: W.A. Mozart 
  • Performer: Edda Moser 
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This 1973 recital LP "Virtuoso Arias by W. A. Mozart" received the Grand Prix du Disque.

"Astonish me!" Diaghilev would cry. He should have met Miss Moser. Her singing on this album is a ballet in itself, an astonishing exercise in daring and poise; but what sets the nerves dancing in response is the sense of dramatic command and musical intelligence that accompany the virtuosity. Such a sense isEdda Moser as Queen of the night imparted right from the start. This Queen of Night makes her regal authority very  clear in her first phrases; when she tells of "den Bosenwicht" it is with some venom and when she contemplates weakness it is with scorn. Similarly, this Constanze presents an invincible spirit, and this Donna Anna a deep store of tenderness. The fluidity, the cleanness, the extensiveness of the range are all quite astounding.

01 - O Zittre Nicht, Mein Lieber Sohn (04:54)
02 - Der Holle Rache (03:04)
03 - Crudele? (07:26)
04 - Popoli Di Tessaglia (11:31)
05 - Ma Che VI Fece, O Stelle (09:17)
06 - Bester Jüngling, Mit Entzücken (03:26)
07 - Ich Bin Die Erste Sängerin (05:44)
08 - Martern Aller Arten (08:30)


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