Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rossini - Il Signor Bruschino – Marcello Viotti, I Filarmonici Di Torino







Between 1810 and 1812 Rossini composed five one-act "farces" for the Teatro San Moise in Venice. They may be formulaic--even in their plots, most of which concern a young couple fooling an older suitor, or a young couple trying to find happiness, or a Canadian suitor away from his home turf(!)--but each has something to recommend it and none outstays its welcome. And the last of the group, Il Signor Bruschino, is famous for its overture, in which Rossini asks the violinists to tap their bows against their stands--witty, unusual, and apparently annoying to the conservative Venetians.

BRUSCHINO, padre: Natale de Carolis - baritono basso
SOFIA: Patrizia Orciani - soprano
GAUDENZIO: Bruno Praticò - baritono
FLORVILLE: Luca Canonici - tenore
FILIBERTO: Pietro Spagnoli - baritono
MARIANNA: Katia Lytting - mezzosoprano
BRUSCHINO,figlio/ UN COMMISSARIO: Fulvio Massa - tenore
I Filarmonici di Torino Marcello Viotti October 1988 Claves Records Switzerland


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