Monday, April 4, 2011

Rossini - La Cambiale Di Matrimonio- Viotti, English Chamber Orchestra


The Teatro San Moise in Venice was the smallest of the theatres regularly presenting opera in that city. The audience expected new works and the impresario would commission several each season guaranteeing at least three performances to each. The theatre was run on a shoestring and such farse required little scenery or staging. Given that the San Moise had a good roster of Marcello Viotti singers it was an ideal opportunity for Rossini when another composer reneged on his contract and he was offered the opportunity to replace him. La Cambiale di Matrimonio with its pace, energy and wit was well received at it's first performance. At age twenty Rossini’s career was off to a cracking start.

TOBIA MILL: Bruno Praticò - buffo FANNY MILL: Alessandra Rossi - soprano EDOARDO MILFORT: Maurizio Comencini - tenore SLOOK: Bruno de Simone - buffo NORTON: Francesco Facini - basso CLARINA: Valeria Baiano - soprano English Chamber Orchestra Marcello Viotti 20-23 August 1990 Claves Records Switzerland

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