Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rossini - La Scala di Seta - Viotti, English Chamber Orchestra







La Scala di Seta (The silken Ladder) is a scintillating piece with bright orchestral colours and distinctive writing for the woodwind. The silken ladder of the title is used nightly by Dorvil to join Giulia who he has secretly married. She is still living in the house of Dormont, her father, who wishes her to marry Blansac who is loved by Lucilla. The opera’s overture is amongst Rossini’s most popular and Ramón Vargas Viotti brings out its character well with strong rhythms and good string work. The cast is amongst the best in the series with Alessandro Corbelli outstanding as Germano and Teresa Ringholz up to the heroine’s task with agility and warm tone. Their duet is Rossini coloratura singing of the highest order. The young Ramon Vargas as Giulia’s husband sings with pleasing tone and without strain and one wishes he had more to sing.

GERMANO: Alessandro Corbelli - baritono
GIULIA: Teresa Ringholz - soprano
DORVIL: Ramón Vargas - tenore
BLANSAC: Natale de Carolis - basso-baritono
LUCILLA: Francesca Provvisionato - mezzosoprano
DORMONT: Fulvio Massa - tenore
English Chamber Orchestra Marcello Viotti 13-15 October 1992 Claves Records Switzerland


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