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Rossini - L'Inganno Felice - Viotti, English Chamber Orchestra







The Teatro San Moise was eager for another Rossini farsa and L’Inganno Felice was premiered to acclaim. Within a year it had been staged in Bologna, Florence, Verona and Trieste as well as at the Teatro San Benedetto, second only to La Fenice in Venice. The innate quality of the music also enabled Rossini to use the opera as a calling card when he settled in Naples in 1815. He was also able to secure performances in Paris in 1824, although the work had already been heard at the Theatre Italian in the latter city in 1819. Most importantly for this series of recordings, L’Inganno Felice, La Scala di Seta and L’occasione fa il Ladro, numbers two, three and four in Rossini’s compositional sequence, were recorded in a more suitable venue in terms of balance and reverberation than La Cambiale. This enables the listener to hear the composer’s inventive and characterful orchestration very clearly.

L’Inganno Felice (The Happy Stratagem)
Farsa giocosa in one act. First performed at the Teatro San Moise, Venice, 8 January 1812
Batone: Natale de Carolis (bass-bar); Isabella, Amelia Felle (sop); Bertrando, Lorio Zennaro (ten); Tarabotto, Fabio Previato (bass); Ormondo, Danilo Serraiocco (bar)
Ursula Dütschler, harpsichord
English Chamber Orchestra/Marcello Viotti
Recorded 18-24 February 1992, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London


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  1. Thank you so much for these Rossini gems. Your opera radio station has been such a wonderful discovery for me. You have single-handedly expanded my opera education to heights I could not have previously imagined. My CD collection has grown as a result (The CD companies should being VERY grateful to you for that!). You have my respect and gratitude.

  2. Dear Oblonsky. Your comment has made me more than happy. It makes it all worthwhile... Thank YOU!


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